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Saturday, Dec 22 2007


We’ve been in business for 29 years and are America’s trusted Hypertension authority for 17 years! Armina Hypertension Association, Inc., the company that owns and operates Severe Hypertension (for 4+ years), has researched the Hypertension industry independently since 1989.

Armina Hypertension Association, Inc., a Tampa, FL-based publisher/consulting firm, publishes a variety of market research studies about different service and healthcare sectors, as well as an independent market research study called: “Individual Differences and Essential Hypertension” The 3th edition of this study was published in April 2007.  Fortune 500 companies pay us thousands for our proprietary research and forecasts. Now, you, the consumer, can benefit from our vast knowledge and special expertise for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Since we ARE independent, you can be sure that our opinions and reviews and Hypertension reports on are indeed unbiased. Our good reputation is at stake. Armina Hypertension Association covers a wide range of service industries, but the Hypertension market is our specialty.

Since we do NOT sell or operate any Hypertension programs or products, the best plans we find for you, via the online questionnaire you complete at this website, are TOTALLY unbiased findings. We are here to serve YOU.

Armina Hypertension Association, Inc.
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Tampa, Florida 33512

President, Research Director, website editor:
Alexander Davidyan, MD, PHD

Our Experts

Larkin, K. T., PhD, RD, FACN, CNS

Journal Articles:
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Gribbin, B., PhD

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Armina Hypertension Association, Inc. serves only as an added-value clearinghouse for medical and health information and does not directly or indirectly practice medicine. Any information provided by Armina Hypertension Association Inc. is intended solely for educating our visitors and should not be construed as medical advice or guidance which should always be obtained from a physician or other licensed health care professional.

As such, the user assumes full responsibility for the appropriate use of the medical information contained in these reports and agrees to hold Armina Hypertension Association, Inc. and any of its third party providers harmless from any and all claims or actions arising from the visitor’s use or reliance on these reports.

Although we make every reasonable attempt to conduct a thorough search of the published medical literature, the possibility exists that some significant articles may be missed.

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